This sequence of essays is, in large part, about depression. Only one of which will actually address it head on, however, the other two will be, in large part, molded by my own experiences with depression. The Tetris essay, which originally started as a lighthearted piece about getting better at Tetris, instead became an experiential essay about the immense difficulty it is to dedicate your time and energy to something, even something that is supposed to be “fun”. My second essay will deal more directly with depression, and namely its ability to drastically reduce your will, your productivity, and even your ability to engage in things you love. The final essay, tentatively, will be more about hope and passing on what can to our children. This was largely inspired by the March to Save Our Lives, but also, in a way internet memes. I wanted to explore how the definition of the word “meme” has dramatically changed, while still carrying a semblance of what it formally stood for. I will talk about my life, and how my mental illness has affected my opinions on this subject. It will touch on the secretly volatile subject of nostalgia, and how I think it affects both my worldview as someone with depression, and how it seems to have consumed many parts of our society, both politically and culturally, and the intersection that these two fit together.

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